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Summer is a time for getting out and getting together with friends and family, but when a heat wave sets in and humidity hits an all time high, that’s when air conditioning in Toronto proves its worth. All anyone in Toronto can think about are the cooling and soothing effects of air conditioning. After a picnic in High Park, a day at the beach, or a nice long bike ride along the harbour front, nothing is better than to return to the serenity and comfort of a home equipped with a cooling system.

Air conditioning Toronto

Summer in Toronto is a time for getting out with friends and family, but when a heat wave sets in, that’s when air conditioning proves its worth

Consider your air conditioning needs when choosing a system

Depending on your air conditioning needs, there are a variety of air conditioners to meet your comfort requirements. Your choice of device will depend on your type of home and your type of budget, so it is important to be well informed before purchasing an air conditioner. An air conditioning Toronto professional can offer several tips and reliable information to help determine the type of unit that best suits your needs and to make a smart choice.

Room air conditioners

Many room air conditioners come with convenient features such as digital displays, built-in timers, remote controls, or touch pad controls. For cooling one or two rooms, low prices and high efficiency make room air conditioning devices an inexpensive alternative to central air conditioning systems and a perfect addition to a Toronto apartment or condo. All air conditioners now have electrical plugs that help prevent fires. They shut down if the power cord is damaged. An air conditioner that is too small won’t cool a room efficiently, while one that is too big creates a clammy feeling in a room. Keep in mind that an air conditioner needs about 20 BTU for cooling each square foot of living space. Make sure you can access the filter easily for cleaning. You will want to keep your device in top condition.

Central air conditioners

If you are considering a central air conditioning system for your home, it is interesting to note that heat pumps are actually a good option for the Toronto climate. Heat pump technology offers cooling temperatures in summer and cozy warmth in winter. Whether you choose central air conditioning or a heat pump, it is important to have your system installed by a qualified professional because a central system’s performance depends as much on how it is installed and maintained as on the equipment itself. Make sure to keep your system clean. Hedges and plants should be at least two feet away from the outside unit. On a monthly basis, clean grills and filters as well as clear debris and dirt from the device’s coils. Remember to check for blockages in the drain pipe.

Plan ahead

Don’t wait for our notorious heat waves to get an air conditioner. If you shop before summer is in full swing, your system will be ready once real air conditioning Toronto needs are felt.