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The Classic Heat Pump

heat pumpIn a battle of utility, the heat pump has a list of qualifications that is difficult to top. Whether you’d like to be warmer or cooler, this reliable system has been serving the needs of thousands of citizens for years. By taking heat energy directly from a specialized heat sink, this device can accomplish a wide variety of useful tasks. From freezers to air conditioners, the heat pump is employed in multiple areas of your daily routine to increase comfort and promote a better life. Is it the king of the pumps? That’s a topic of debate, but it is impossible to ignore the contributions it has made to modern life. For its utilitarian purposes of improving quality of life, the heat pump is undoubtedly deserving of a spot on the list.

The Useful Bicycle Tire Pump

heat pumpFor riding throughout the city on a two-wheeled masterpiece, a heat pump may prove itself slightly less useful than its tire-inflating counterpart. Capable of getting your flats taken care of in a snap, the tire pump is great for portable, efficient utility. It’s inspired a variety of copies including the powerful electric compressor, which is commonly used for inflating automobile tires, but it’s important to pay homage to the air-moving original. With a couple of presses on the plunger, your bicycle will transform from an immobile burden to an environmentally friendly version of personal transportation. For its beautiful simplicity, the bicycle tire pump is an obvious choice to join the heat pump on the list of top three pumps.

The Stylish Pump

heat pumpLike the tight fit of a piston inside an engine, the high-heeled footwear affectionately referred to as pumps depend on a snug fit to stay in place. There’s little doubt that this pump has the heat pump topped when it comes to style, but its utility remains a drawback. The tall heels commonly present on these shoes make quick movement difficult when they’re worn, but that didn’t stop them from becoming an incredibly popular choice amongst women around the world. The tight-fitting, strapless shoes are a favorite amongst the more fashion-forward members of the pump ranking community, so their inclusion on this list was a relative guarantee. Decide for yourself which of the three, heat pumps, bicycle pumps or pump shoes, deserves the top spot, but the impact of each pump has been monumental to its specific field.