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Heat Pump Plus a C

heat pumpSo what makes a heat pump different from its completely non-existent, one letter different counterpart, the cheat pump? Well, first off, you can count on your old pal the heat pump to be honest and true when conditioning your home during those extreme temperature times. With a cheat pump, you’ll need to constantly be on alert to ensure that no funny business is going down. When you’re in the mood for a friendly game of cards, that dastardly foe will try his hardest to get one over on you, even though you’re not even playing for keeps. Cheat pumps live to be less than honest, and that’s not something you need to deal with when the weather gets extreme. Trust your old friend, the heat pump, and you won’t be sorry.

Heat Pump Plus a W

heat pumpUnlike the heat pump, this invention’s main purpose is to push wheat from one place to another. Sure, wheat is a great thing when you’re in the mood for a sandwich, but what good is it when your home is colder than Santa Claus’s nose? Yet again, the old favorite is a superior solution for your residential needs. The wheat pump would have a few benefits of its own, however. Everyone likes to eat, and plenty of tasty choices revolve around a wheat base. You simply can’t overlook the value of keeping cool throughout the summer. Would you rather be sweating while chewing on some glorified grass, or does sipping on a cool drink watching your favorite TV classics sound like the thing to do? Yep, score another win for the heat pump.

 Heat Pump Minus an H

Heat pumpSpeaking of devouring your prized possessions, the eat pump would make terrible company at your home. Constantly chomping away at your groceries before moving on to your furniture, this hungry invention is no match for the benefits of a reliable heat pump. Not only does the classic refrain from eating your groceries, but it also keeps the temperatures nice and comfortable to help your food stay fresh longer. All-in-all, while there are plenty of imaginary one-letter cousins to the classic climate controlling solution, few have the usability and practicality of the old, reliable favorite. To find out for yourself, give a qualified heating distributor in your area a call, and forget about those lesser pumping options before they destroy your home.